Books Published in Singapore

1. Humour, Health and Happiness: How to Get the FUNtastic(R) Benefits of Humour and Laughter into Your Life.

by Paul McGhee

Published by Mind Edge Pte Ltd, Singapore, 2011, 164 pages ($21.50/Singapore $ + 7% tax + shipping when purchased from Mind Edge; $25.95 + 7% tax when purchased from Singapore bookstores).
To purchase a copy from Mind Edge, contact the publisher directly and request a copy at

This book combines the content of two of Dr. McGhee’s recent (2010) books, making their combined content available at a significantly lower cost for Asian readers. Shipping cost is also reduced since the book is shipped out of Singapore.

The material in this Asian edition is also presented in a more abbreviated fashion. The two books from which this book was derived are 1) Humor: The Lighter Path to Resilience and Health and 2) Humor as Survival Training for a Stressed-Out World: The 7 Humor Habits Program. All of the major findings discussed in 1) related to humor’s impact on physical health and emotional resilience/coping with stress are discussed in Humour, Health and Happiness, although the detailed discussion of humor and the brain presented in 1) is omitted here. Also, the 50 pages of references to the original research, which are included in 1) are not included in Humour, Health and Happiness. So readers can choose whether they want a more detailed discussion of health and stress-related research—including the references to the original research—or a briefer and more general discussion of the physical and mental health benefits of humor.

Dr. McGhee’s Humor Skills Training Program (the 7 Humor Habits Program), that was broadcast globally between January and May, 2012, is also included in Humour, Health and Happiness. All of the key exercises and activities needed to assure success with the program are included here, although the background discussion of issues related to each of the Humor Habits is a bit more limited than the discussion presented in 2).

The great news about this 7 Humor Habits Program is that it really works! Research evidence from four different countries has documented the effectiveness of this program. So it will also work for you. See the discussion for Humor as Survival Training for a Stressed-Out World for a discussion of this evidence.

Note: While Humour, Health and Happiness was written for an Asian audience, readers in North America who want the key information, but with less detailed discussion, can also order copies of this book from Singapore.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Humour and Daily Stress
Chapter 2. What Evidence is there that Humour Builds Resilience and Helps You Cope?
Chapter 3. How does Humour Help You Cope?
Chapter 4. Humour Boosts Your Emotional Resilience and Happiness
Chapter 5. How did Interest in the Health Benefits of Humour get Started?
Chapter 6. The First Wave of Research: General Health-Promoting Effects of Humour
Chapter 7. The Second Wave of Research: Impact of Humour and Laughter on Specific Diseases

How to Build these Benefits into Your Life: The 7 Humour Habits Programme

The First Habit: Surround Yourself with Humour [and Think about the Nature of Your Sense of Humour]
The Second Habit: Cultivate a Playful Attitude
The Third Habit: Laugh More Often and More Heartily
The Fourth Habit: Create Your Own Verbal Humour
The Fifth Habit: Look for Humour in Everyday Life
The Sixth Habit: Take Yourself Lightly. Laugh at Yourself
The Seventh Habit: Find Humour in the Midst of Stress
Integrate the Habits into Everyday Life

2. Crack Me Up! For People Who Want to be Funnier

By Paul McGhee and Alan Yip

Forthcoming. To be published by Mind Edge Pte Ltd., Singapore, Fall, 2012.
Will be available directly from Mind Edge.