The First Humor Habit—Part 2: Discovering the Nature of Your Present Sense of Humor

“If I had no sense of humor, I should long ago have committed suicide.” (Mohandas K. Gandhi) Psychiatrist to her receptionist: “Just say we’re very busy; don’t keep saying ‘It’s a madhouse’ here.” You were asked in last week’s (Feb 10) article to immerse yourself in humor in every way you could think of. Check […]

The First Humor Habit: Immerse Yourself in Humor & Start Thinking about the Nature of Your Sense of Humor

Weekly postings of skill-building exercises related to each key Humor Habit will appear here at from now until May 4, 2012. These articles offer guidelines for activities which strengthen each Humor Habit. The full manual for the 7 Humor Habits Program is published in Humor as Survival Training for a Stressed-Out World. “You show […]

Assess your Sense of Humor NOW before Starting the Humor Training Program

[This article contains a Sense of Humor Test.] Over the next 2-3 months, you can do something that many think cannot be done—improve your sense of humor! I’ve had many people tell me that “You’re either born with a good sense of humor or you’re not . . . and there’s nothing I can do […]

Humor Skills Training on the Radio: Innovation in Radio broadcasting

A Weekly Series of Live Radio Broadcasts was devoted to helping seniors Learn to Use their Sense of Humor to Promote Greater Resilience, Health and Happiness between February 10 and May 25, 2012.   These broadcasts occurred as a featured segment of the popular show, The Bright Side of Aging, hosted by Ike Englebaum in Detroit, Michigan […]

The 7 Humor Habits Program – Research Shows that it Works!

A guy walks into a fancy bar, but they won’t let him in without a necktie.  So he gets his jumper cables out of his car and ties them around his neck.  He goes back to the bar and says, “OK, can I get in now?”  They answer, “Well, all right, but you better not […]