Paul has provided many programs for seniors themselves and at conferences specifically devoted to gerontology issues.  He is co-author of the (now out of print) book, Humor and Aging.  His programs for seniors are entertaining and fun and get the audience actively involved—and are guaranteed to get you laughing.  But they are substantive, as well.  The substantive part of his program shows how keeping your sense of humor as you get older helps you cope with the stress that often goes with aging and age more successfully in general.

Special attention is given to the importance (as documented in research) of finding some way to build in sources of daily positive emotion into your life as a tool for boosting emotional resilience.  Humor is shown to be a reliable means of achieving this goal (along with social connections, spirituality and other approaches).  Many seniors face growing depression as they age; humor is shown to be an effective tool in sustaining a more positive, upbeat attitude—even in the midst of growing physical limitations and other age-related challenges.  The general importance of finding effective ways of managing your daily mood (this is a part of emotional intelligence) is discussed.


Paul’s workshop for seniors focuses on boosting your sense of humor and learning to use humor to cope with challenges posed by aging.  It is provided at no extra cost as a “value-added” addition to his keynote-type of presentation.  It is based on his 7 Humor Habits Program, presented in his book, Humor as Survival Training for a Stressed-Out World: The 7 Humor Habits Program.  Workshops of 60 or 90 minutes are provided with no increase in speaking fee.  There is an additional fee for longer workshops.

Many adults (seniors and non-seniors) are convinced that it is too late to improve your sense of humor once you reach late adulthood.  I’ve heard many seniors say, “If you ain’t got it by now, you’re not gonna get it!”  Others say, “You’re either born with a good sense of humor or you’re not . . . and I wasn’t.”  We now know this is not true.  There is evidence that Dr. McGhee’s 7 Humor Habits Program does work with seniors.  Seniors (with an average age in the 70s) going through the program as part of a small group at several residential centers showed significant increases in both a measure of their sense of humor and their ability to cope with stress upon completion of the Program.

Activity Directors at the site where Dr. McGhee provides the program are given a free copy of the book containing the 7 Humor Habits Program and are provided with guidelines for leading an ongoing series of humor skills training sessions in the weeks following his workshop.  Any resident within the community may also use the book to lead ongoing humor training sessions.

Partial Client List

Aging Conference, Saint Barnabus Hospital (NJ)
Brandon Wilde Senior Community (GA)
Cokesbury Village (DE)
Delaware Hospital for the Chronically Ill
Essex Meadows (NJ)
Kean University Gerontology Conference (NJ)
New Vitality – Chilton Hospital Gerontology Program (NJ)
Northwest Senior Wellness Conference (OR)
Partners HC Long Term Care (NJ)
Rockwood Senior Communities (WA)
Rutgers University Gerontology Conference (NJ)
Sage Elder Care (NJ)
Sage Solutions (NJ)
Senior Campus Living (NJ)
Senior Women Conference, Elizabeth General Medical Center (NJ)
Society on Aging of New Jersey
Southern Plantation Senior Community (GA)
Spokane Senior Caregivers (WA)
Spokane Senior Wellness Conference (WA)
Tallahassee Senior Community (FL)
Temple B’Nai Abraham Senior Conference (NJ)
William Patterson University Aging Conference (NJ)