Paul has provided keynotes and workshops to many Fortune 500 companies.  His keynotes are always entertaining and fun and get the audience actively involved—and are guaranteed to get you laughing.  But they are substantive, as well.  As with most other kinds of organizations, Paul is generally asked to emphasize in his corporate presentations how humor helps cope with the stress associated with the growing job demands.  Special attention is given to the impact of the growing pace of change and mounting global competition.

One of the greatest challenges faced by corporate leadership today is how to help employees work more rapidly, more effectively and more creatively—and to enjoy their work in the process.  Humor and appropriate ways of making work fun are shown to help achieve each of these goals.

As businesses continue to ask more of their employees (“raising the bar”), Paul emphasizes that companies have an obligation to provide employees with skills that help them better manage the stress this generates.  The ability to keep your sense of humor on the job is one such skill.  It helps you cope with your demanding work load and provides the emotional resilience needed to remain productive on the tough days.  It is argued that you can be competent and professional on the job and still keep your sense of humor.  The positive impact on job satisfaction of allowing employees to bring their sense of humor to the workplace is also noted.

Partial Client List

Allied Signal
American Institute for Certified Public Accountants
Arkansas Ready Made Concrete Association
Arkansas Workmans Compensation Association
Bluecross Blueshield
Bristol-Myers Squibb
Building Owners & Managers Association
Canadian Institute of Certified Accountants
Casualty Actuaries of New England
CIT Group Federal Emergency Management Association
Commercial Law League of America
Construction Management Association of America
Delaware Department of Transportation
Delaware Department of Parks & Recreation
Delaware Food Services Association
Duncan Aviation
EAP Association (NC)
Ernst & Young (PA)
Farm Credit Services (IA)
Federal Aviation Administration (NY)
Federal Emergency Management Association
General Motors
Genzyme Tissue Repair
Goodwill Industries
Government Finance Officers Association of NJ
GPU Service
Gray Advertising
Greater New York Auto Dealers Association
Hoffman-La Roche
John Hancock Insurance
Maryland Food Services Association
Mattel Toys
Mead Johnson
National Association of Educational Buyers
National Association of Home Builders
National Association of Insurance & Financial Advisors
National Association of Life Underwriters
National Coordinating Council on Emergency Management
National Recreation & Park Association
National Association of  Women  Business Owners (DE)
New England Regional Tax Collectors
New Jersey Department of Agriculture
New Jersey Department of Human Resources
New Jersey Department of Labor
New Jersey Department of Personnel
New Jersey Food Council
New Jersey Recreation & Park Association
New Jersey State Association of Life Underwriters
New Jersey Tax Collectors Association
New Mexico Department of Transportation
New York State Comptrollers
Office of Emergency Preparedness
Omaha Public Power District (NE)
Oticon Hearing Systems
Proctor & Gamble
Prudential Insurance
PSE&G (Public Service Electricity & Gas – NJ)
Remax of Georgia
Society for Human Resource Management (NJ)
State Farm Insurance
Swedish Club (International Maritime Insurance – Sweden)
Turner Broadcasting System
United States Department of Justice
United States Navy
Visions Federal Credit Union
World Bank Group (DC)
Zeneca Pharmaceuticals