Paul has provided many keynotes and workshops over the past 20 years at hospitals across the country, as well as at national and state healthcare conventions.  His keynotes are always entertaining and fun and get the audience actively involved—and guaranteed to get you laughing.  But they are substantive, as well.  Like most other kinds of organizations, hospitals and healthcare conference committees almost always ask Paul to emphasize how humor helps cope with the stress associated with the growing job demands placed on nurses and other professional staff.  Paul emphasizes that you can be competent and professional on the job, and still keep your sense of humor.  Learning to do this helps you cope with your demanding work load and provides the emotional resilience you need to continue to provide quality care and support for patients.

Specific attention is drawn to the “sick” humor commonly shown by nurses and other staff and how this kind of humor turns out to be very healthy for staff (although it is not to be shared with patients).

For keynotes longer than 60 minutes, Paul also updates you on the exciting new findings documenting humor’s positive impact on both specific disease conditions and general healing and wellness-promoting mechanisms (e.g., pain reduction, immunoenhancement and reduction of circulating stress hormones).  This is only briefly summarized in 60-minute programs.  In longer programs, he also discusses the kinds of approaches currently used in hospitals to bring the therapeutic benefits of humor to patients.

[Note: Paul also occasionally provides keynotes which are exclusively devoted to a discussion of the research on humor and physical health.  These programs go into more detail on the research findings, with special attention given to humor’s impact on specific disease conditions.]


The workshop Paul provides to healthcare organizations focuses on boosting your sense of humor and learning to use humor to cope with stress.  It is provided at no extra cost as a “value-added” addition to his keynotes.   Workshops of 60 or 90 minutes are provided with no increase in speaking fee.  There is an additional fee for longer workshops.

Partial Client List

Dr. McGhee has done many programs for hospitals; they are not listed here.

American Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology
American Academy of Dentistry
American Association of Critical Care Nurses
American Association of Office Nurses
American Cancer Society
American Healthcare Foundation
American Heart Association (NJ)
American Hospital Association
American Nephrology Nurses Association
Annual Nursing Assembly (FL)
Association of Healthcare Executives of New Jersey
Association of Mental Health Administrators
Bays Medical Society (FL)
Bridges to Excellence Conference (FL)
Cancer Conference (TX)
Cancer Conference (IL)
Cancer Therapy & Research Center (TX)
Cardiac Rehabilitation Conference (Toronto)
Carrier Foundation (alcoholism & addictions – NJ)
Critical Care Nurses Association
Desert High Wellness Conference
First State Dental Group (DE)
Florida Anesthesia Administrators’ Assocication
Florida Department of Health (+ 12 programs for County Depts. of Health in FL)
Florida Head Injury Association
Florida Health Information Management Association
Head & Neck Rehabilitation Conference (MD)
Healthcare Executives of New Jersey
Health Education Network of Delaware
Healthcare Public Relations & Marketing Association
Health Ministry Association
Hemophilia Nurses Conference (CA)
Hudson Valley Occupational Nurses (NY)
Inventures Surgery Conference (CO)
Iowa Medical Group Management Association
Kansas Medical Group Management Association
Kessler Institute for Rehabilitation (NJ)
Keystone Health Promotion Conference (PA)
Lakeshore Wellness Conference (IA)
Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital (NE)
Maine Healthcare Association
Middle Atlantic Health Congress
National Association for Practical Nurse Education & Service
National Cancer Registry Association
National Institutes of Health
National Therapeutic Recreation Society
National Wellness Conference
New Hampshire Holistic Health Association
New Jersey League of Nursing
New Jersey Licensed Practical Nurses Association
New York Association of Nurse Executives
New York State Association for Cardiac & Pulmonary Rehabilitation
NHS Human Services (Addictions/recovery) (PA)
Ohio Directors of Nursing Administration
Oncology/Hematology Associates
Oncology Nurses Society
Pensacola Health Excellence Symposium (FL)
Prairie Cardiovascular Consultants (IL)
Presbyterian Health Ministry Association (TX)
Psychoneuroimmunology Conference, Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center (NH)
Seaside Wellness Conference
South Carolina Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation Association
South Dakota Association of Healthcare Organizations
Veterans Administration Clinical Conference (OH)
Veterinary Council of America