Mental Health Programs

Paul offers keynotes to organizations whose members include therapists, psychiatrists, social workers, counselors and all other categories of mental health professionals.  Mental health professionals who spend their working days immersed in the emotional turmoil and crises of others must develop personal coping tools which enable them to “let go” of their own emotional reactions which come from empathizing with the problems of their clients/patients.  That is, to avoid burnout and “compassion fatigue,” they must find a way to avoid carrying home with them the emotional crises they have been immersed in throughout the day.  Humor research documents humor’s power to do this.

Paul’s keynotes are entertaining and fun and guaranteed to get therapists laughing.  But they are also substantive and show mental health care providers just how humor builds emotional resilience and helps them sustain their own effectiveness in working with clients—regardless of their specific approach to counseling or therapy.  If desired, attention is also given to how to help their clients learn to use humor as a coping tool.  Evidence is reviewed documenting the effectiveness of Paul’s 7 Humor Habits Program in reducing clinical levels of depression.  Growing evidence supports this Program’s use as a clinical tool.

[Note: Dr. McGhee’s graduate work included working in several clinical settings.  During his 20-year academic career teaching in Departments of Psychology and a Department of Human Development & Family Studies, he worked with clinical psychologists and family therapists.  He recently (2011) contributed a chapter to a book written specifically for therapists on the use of humor as a tool in working with clients/patients.  He especially loves speaking to mental health professionals because of their own expertise in coping issues and because they are in the perfect position to pass on to those who need it most the coping and resilience-promoting power of humor.]

The workshop Paul provides to mental health professionals focuses on improving your sense of humor and learning to use humor to cope with stress.  It can be geared toward therapists themselves or toward helping their clients learn to use humor to boost emotional resilience.  The workshop is provided at no extra cost as a “value-added” addition to his keynotes.  It is based on his 7 Humor Habits Program, presented in his book, Humor as Survival Training for a Stressed-Out World: The 7 Humor Habits Program.  Workshops of 60 or 90 minutes are provided with no increase in speaking fee.  There is an additional fee for longer workshops.

The workshop has been shown to have a stronger and more lasting impact when participants have their own copy or The 7 Humor Habits Program (this allows them to continue working on learning to use humor to cope after the workshop is done).  Accordingly, as an additional “value-added” feature, these books are made available at near cost to Paul (47 % discount on bookstore price = $9.00 + shipping) to those organizations that want to provide a copy of the Program to all workshop participants.  (Copies of The 7 Humor Habits Program may also be made available for purchase on an individual basis following Paul’s workshop.)

Partial Client List
Association of Mental Health Administrators
Association of Community Mental Health Centers
Delaware Health & Social Services
El Paso Borders Rape Conference (TX)
Grief & Loss Conference, Area Health Education Centers of NJ
New Jersey Association of Mental Health Agencies
New Jersey Psychiatric Association
Nova Scotia Emotional Intelligence Conference (Canada)
Project Live (NJ)
Texas A & M Murphy Day Conference
Texas Crime Victim Academy
Texas Crime Victim Institute
Texas Victim Services Association
Texas Correctional Department